Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro Review and Best Alternative

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If you are interested in laser engraving and cutting machines, you might have heard of Ortur. It is a high-tech manufacturing company established in 2018.

The first product of the company was introduced in the mid of 2018, and it was a 3D printer. In March 2019, the company introduced Laser Maser 2, which gained massive popularity, and the monthly output went to 10,000 units per month. In the mid of 2021, the company made improvements in the machine and introduced Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro, which will be under review in this article.

ortur laser master 2 pro

The company is focusing on diode laser engravers and trying to make the technology better. The aim is to make safer, more efficient, and user-friendly diode laser machines to help out small businesses, artists, engineers, and workshops.

With that being said, the company has made a lot of improvements in Laser Master 2 Pro. It has tried to overcome the problems faced by the users and introduced some new features to the machine. Now, Laser Master 2 Pro is one of the best laser engravers on the market and is fully packed with exceptional features.

In this article, we will have an in-depth look at different aspects, features, pros & cons, and other related things of Laser Master 2 Pro. We will discuss every detail to guide readers on how the machine is and what it can do. In addition, we will also share the best alternative to Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro for those who are looking for an alternative machine.

Salient Features of Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro

Multiple Laser Modules

Ortur has introduced multiple laser modules for different tasks. For instance, there are separate modules for high-precision engraving, cutting, and hard object engraving.

Therefore, you can select a suitable laser module according to your needs. But keep in mind that it increases the cost of the machine if you want to perform all these tasks.

There are three laser modules:

The first option is the LU2-2 Fixed Focus laser module. This module gives off a very fine laser spot measuring 0.07 x 0.06 mm. It is a highly focused tiny spot that is ideal for high-precision engraving. If there are fine details in the graphics, this module is the right choice.

But it is not for cutting because the laser optical power is only 1.6W; it will take many passes to cut a thin object.

The second option is the LU2-4-SF Optically Compressed laser module, which is specifically designed for engraving harder metals, and it can also cut different objects. The laser spot is not as small as the previous module; the dimensions are 0.12 x 0.15 mm.

Therefore, it is not for high-precision engraving and fine details. But it is good at cutting and capable of engraving hard materials, such as steel. It has an excellent optical power of 4.5 to 5.5 W to ensure better cutting and engraving.

The third option is LU2-4-LF Optically Compressed laser module, which is perfect for cutting. It can also engrave on materials, but it is ideal for cutting because of its high power and in-depth engraving. The laser optical power is 4.5 to 5.5 W, and the focal spot measures 0.17 x 0.25mm.

All these three modules are available with the machines. It is up to the user which module he wants to select according to the requirements.

Limit Switches

There are limit switches on the laser modules. These switches tell the machine about the position of the module, so the user knows where the module is and what the coordinates are. The user knows the origin, and it helps to place the object and adjust the position of the laser module precisely.

The limit switches also help in going back to any position where the laser module was. It eliminates the repeat positioning error. Without limit switches, you cannot work on the fine details of vector graphics as there will be positioning errors.

Enhanced Safety Features

The safety features of Ortur Laser Master Pro 2 are commendable. There are multiple measures and features to ensure safety. The first safety feature is that the machine stops if it is bumped or displaced from its original position.

It is an excellent feature because if a kid or someone else in the laser machine room hits the machine accidentally, there is nothing to worry about.

The machine also keeps an eye on the exposure of the laser to the object. If the duration is longer than usual, it can cause a fire. Therefore, the machine detects the movement of the motor and automatically stops the laser if the motor is not moving and the material is exposed for a long time.

In addition, there is a flame detector and buzzer alarm to stop the machine and inform the user.

If the USB transmission fails, the machine detects it automatically and stops the laser module in three seconds. Moreover, there is an emergency stop button that the user can press anytime to stop the machine immediately.

You cannot find all these extraordinary features in other laser engraving and cutting machines. The manufacturer of Ortur has given extra attention to safety.

Software Options

Ortur Laser Master Pro 2 is compatible with LightBurn and LaserGRBL. The user can use both of these to engrave and cut objects. But keep in mind that LaserGRBL is open-source, and it is completely free.

You don’t need any subscription or place and can use the software without any limitations. On the other hand, LightBurn is a paid software, which is usually preferred by professionals. You need to get the license to use it, but a 30-day free trial is also available.

They support different types of file formats. LaserGRBL supports JPG, PNG, DXF, NC, BMP, and a few commonly used formats. LightBurn supports almost all formats, including AI, SVG, DXF, PDF, RD, PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, TGA, and GIF.

Another thing that you need to know is LaserGRBL is only available for Windows, while LightBurn is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. So, if you are a macOS or Linux user, LightBurn is the only option you have.

You can try both first. LaserGRBL is already free, and you can use the trial version of LightBurn. These are excellent when it comes to engraving and cutting, and it is all up to the user.

Rotary Attachment

For engraving cylinders, Ortur has introduced its rotary called Ortur YRR 2.0. You can buy it separately and enjoy engraving different types of cylinders. It is a roller rotary, but it has a different design that can also engrave irregular cylindrical objects, such as wine glasses. The diameter of the module can also be adjusted to work on different cylinders.

Enclosure Casing

While using a laser engraving and cutting machine, it is better to cover the machine for safety and use an exhaust system to emit harmful gasses and fumes. The toxic fumes from some materials, such as plastic and acrylic, are harmful to the user.

With the help of an exhaust system, these harmful fumes are expelled out easily. Secondly, the laser should be enclosed in a box to prevent direct exposure of the laser beams to the eyes.

Ortur has solved these problems by introducing its optional enclosure casing. The users can buy it separately. It not only keeps the user safe but also increases the choice of materials you can engrave in a closed room.


Smooth and Fast Engraving

Before introducing the laser engraving machine, Ortur introduced the world’s first 32-bit motherboard for diode laser engraving. Now, Ortur Laser Master Pro 2 comes with a 9th Generation 32-bits motherboard.

The board is specifically made for the purpose, so it ensures smooth performance and fast engraving. The engraving time is greatly reduced, and in comparison with similar engraving machines, the engraving time is reduced to 3/5th.

Strong Structure

The machine is completely made of aluminum and powder-coated steel. Due to the use of metals, the entire structure is robust and stable. It ensures high accuracy as there is no vibration or movement during engraving. Moreover, the structure is built to last for a long time.

Works on a Wide Range of Materials

Ortur Laser Master Pro 2 is a laser engraving and cutting machine. It can engrave different types of materials, such as wood, glass, food, stone, oxidized metal, stainless steel, ceramic tile, phone case, acrylic, paper, plywood, and leather.

The best is that optical settings for engraving and cutting are given on the website according to the materials. It makes the engraving and cutting easier for the user.

Easy to Assemble

Ortur Laser Master Pro 2 is fairly easy to assemble. You only need to follow the instructions, and you can do everything on your own.

Wide Engraving Area

The engraving area is 400mm x 400mm, which is excellent for engraving a wide range of objects. The area is wide enough. The user can also increase the height to use the rotary on objects with an extra height.


Users Have to Buy Different Modules

There are multiple modules available, and you cannot do everything using one module. For high precision engraving, you need to buy one module, and for cutting, you need another module. Consequently, the cost of the machine is increased if you buy all three variants of the laser module.

No Offline Control

You cannot use Ortur Laser Master Pro 2 offline directly; there is no such function. You need to keep it connected to your computer. There is no Wi-Fi connection or storage space for working offline. However, there is an additional offline controller that you can buy separately. With this controller, the machine can be controlled without the use of a computer.

Rubber Wheels don't Last Long

The wheels on which the laser module moves are made of rubber. Most of the machines usually have rubber wheels, but these do not last for a long time. Steel wheels are much better and long-lasting. Thus, you might need to replace the rubber wheels often if you are using the machine for business.

Difficult Focusing

One of the most problematic things in Ortur Laser Master Pro 2 is the focus of the laser. It is quite difficult and time-consuming to focus. There is a cylinder given on the machine, and the user needs to place the cylinder under the laser module to adjust its height. It is a bit tricky, but the users get used to it. However, if the cylinder is lost, there is no way you can focus the laser perfectly.

There is an additional attachment called Ortur Aufero Z-Height Adjusted. With this, the user can easily focus on the object and adjust the height without the use of the cylinder. After installing it, the user only needs to turn the knob for height adjustment; it is easier and more accurate.

Manual Belt Pulling

The tension on the belt is responsible for accuracy and precision. It should be in optimal tension to offer the best results. The belt tensioning is a bit difficult in Ortur Laser Master Pro 2. Users find it very difficult to achieve the optimal tension.

xTool D1—The Best Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro Alternative

Ortur Laser Master Pro 2 is undoubtedly an amazing laser engraving and cutting machine, but there are a few issues, such as the use of multiple laser modules, difficult focusing, and computability with OS. Therefore, people also look for a better alternative that can offer better performance and results.

xtool d1 laser engraving machine

xTool D1 is an ideal alternative to Ortur Laser Master Pro 2. It is the winner of Red Dot Winner 2022, which ensures creativity and innovation. It is a high-accuracy diode laser engraving and cutting machine. Enthusiasts, hobbyists, professionals, artists, and small businesses can easily use the machine to craft something new, unique, and extraordinary.

The machine has everything that a user needs. It is an ideal laser engraving and cutting machine full of innovative features. It works on a wide range of materials.

It can engrave plywood, solid wood, paper, leather, acrylic, metals, rock, glass, fabric, and ceramics. It can cut wood, paper, leather, and acrylic. The user can engrave and cut almost anything with the machine and make different types of products and objects.

Robust and Long-lasting Construction

The machine is completely made of a metal frame. The metal framing ensures stability and high precision and lasts for a long time. Moreover, the wheels and shaft on which the laser module moves are also made of steel.

ortur alternative xtool d1

Therefore, the machine supports more than 100,000 slides, which is thrice more than a normal laser engraving machine. It is much better than plastic and rubber wheels.

Powerful and Multipurpose Diode Lasers

The best part is that you can use the same module for engraving with high precision, engraving hard materials, and cutting. For instance, if you have a 10W laser, it can do both engraving and cutting; there is no need to buy separate laser modules for each task.

However, there are three types of modules based on optical power. You can buy 5W, 10W, or 20W modules with the laser machine. Since the optical power is much more than Ortur Laser Master Pro 2, the machine is quite powerful.  

The diode laser modules use an innovative technology that makes them more powerful. In 10W and 20W diode laser modules, there are two and four diode laser sources, respectively.

The multiple sources emit the beams that are combined using reflectors. It makes the laser module more powerful compared to a single source laser diode module having the same optical power.

Most importantly, the 20W diode module is the world’s most powerful module. It is perfect for cutting and engraving and can cut various materials in only one pass.

Ultimate Precision and Accuracy

The accuracy and precision of D1 are outstanding. The laser spot is highly focused and has dimensions of 0.08 x 0.08mm. It can be used for high-precision engraving that will consider the fine details.

Secondly, the movement accuracy is also commendable. It reaches 0.01mm, which is ideal for vector engraving and fine details.

The repeat position accuracy is 0.02mm. You won’t notice any defect if the module is repeating its position during engraving. It also maintains a perfect engraving effect for a long time.

Lastly, the synchronous belt can be tightened and adjusted without any hassle. It removes the movement gap and vibration and ensures stability.

Easy to Use

xTool D1 is perfect for beginners because it is quite easy to use. Firstly, it has dedicated software Laserbox Basic, which is suitable for beginners and free to use. It supports almost all types of commonly used formats. Most importantly, it is available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Users can also use LightBurn with D1.

The data can be transferred in multiple ways. It supports Wi-Fi and USB cable, and there is also a TF card slot that can be used for offline use. Unlike Ortur Laser Master Pro 2, the focus adjustment is pretty easy in D1.

There is a focus lever attached to the laser module to adjust the height according to the material; it hardly takes 5 seconds. Moreover, there are risers that can be used to increase the height of the machine up to 140mm.

Cylindrical Engraving

xTool has introduced the world’s first 4-in-1 rotary attachment. The attachment can work as a roller rotary, chuck rotary, sphere rotary, and ring rotary. It can work in 90% of the cylindrical and spherical engraving scenarios. You can engrave almost anything using the attachment.

xtool ra2 pro

Final Words

Ortur Laser Master Pro 2 is an excellent machine for small businesses, artists, DIY enthusiasts, and professionals. The company has done a commendable job, and it has almost all the features that a user needs. Although there are a few cons, it is still worth it.

Users that are looking for an Ortur Laser Master Pro 2 alternative can consider xTool D1. It is an outstanding machine with tons of extraordinary features.

For more information related to xTool D1, read this detailed xTool D1 review.

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